Monday, January 20, 2014

Dreaming Low Key on Polyvore

Polyvore is great to collect your ideas and see if they have any worth. It's more interactive than Pintrest and has the same goal as Instagram -- to fill a simple square with a beautiful piece of art.

You can create "sets" that focus on fashion or home or a fusion of both.

For example here is a fashion set created by Polyvore's account.

And here is a home one by hollie-leslie

Check out Polyvore if you have some time to kill (because it will suck you in for hours)

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New Favorite Brand: Aqua

 I think dressing up should be easy and comfortable. That's why I love Aqua which has high quality clothes that are fun and dressy.

My Aqua sweater I found at Bloomingdales is the perfect balance between trendy and classy but it is still super comfortable.

I bought this for $60 which is a good price for 100% cashmere and I wear this enough that it                 would be okay if it cost more.

Though this sweater is not available while i went looking for it I found out there is a sale on many         Aqua products on Bloomingdales's website.
                                                      Look at all of Aqua's teen stuff

This chiffon tank is cute and the leather makes it trendy and keeps it from being frilly. Was $48 now     $36
   Find it here

These metallic jeans dress up a tee and are a great deal. They also come in blue. Was $48 now $25.
   Find them here

And lastly, this faux leather jacket is feminine and cute PLUS its 50% off! If you are looking for a         leather jacket you should consider this one. was $84 now $44.
      Find it here

Why The Plus One?

Okay so all over the internet there are people who have found their niches. I'm not a beauty guru or a food blogger or a poet or a writer. I'm simply the watching and following them. I don't know much about any of these subjects (although, I'm really good at eating) but I'm willing to go along on the ride. So while I'm not going to show you how to curl your eyelashes like a pro, maybe you want something a little different.